MGMT - Little Dark Age

The psychedelic duo is back with the long awaited first single off of their upcoming project. The biggest question that runs through our brains when hearing that MGMT has new music out, is that we have continually been let down. Since the release of quite honestly their best work to date titled Oracular Spectacular, we have continued to compare anything they put out to that album. So moving forward and preparing myself for the first listen of this single, I went ahead and stripped my mind of any bias and comparison, and just went in with fresh ears. 

Upon finishing my first listen, I quickly put this track on repeat. I was blown away and taken aback at how well the simple head bobbing electronic tune breathes life into beautiful dark Gothic lyrics. I just couldn't get enough and I still cant. After multiple listens, the song seems to breed that same feeling I had after my first listen through Kids and Time to Pretend. If you are a true fan of MGMT and the creative soundscapes they continue to push and manipulate, you need this track in you current rotation. With Halloween right around the corner, you could really set the mood for your party with this track on your playlist.