Mimicking Birds - Sunlight Daze

It's been three years since the the beautifully crafted Eons was released and we've been waiting to see what direction Mimicking Birds will take next. With the first single from the pending full length Layers of Us, it seems the band has pivoted once again but managed to keep their unique sound intact. The manically upbeat "Sunlight Daze" is perfectly contrasted with dark tones and alluring vocals. Since the upcoming album has a release date of 1/26/2018, it's safe to say we can expect more tracks to surface within the next few months. 

Layers of Us Tracklist:

1. Dust Layers

2. Another Time

3. Sunlight Daze 

4. Island Shore

5. Great Wave

6. A Part

7. Belongings

8. Lumens

9. Time To Waste

10. One Eyed Jack