Cyhi the Prince feat. Kanye West - Dat Side

Good Music alum and mixtape master Cyhi the Prince has finally released a new studio single from his upcoming album. This track crafts together a head bobbing beat with a piano layer that is so infectious, it will make you crave a remix to just hear more.

Hearing Cyhi on this track really makes you feel refreshed, knowing he has been with Good Music for quite sometime, it's almost as if he is a new artist were finally getting our hands on. With this great new single also comes a mysterious and out of the blue feature we were not expecting, Yeezus himself, Kanye West.

With hearing and seeing multiple rumors of when new music from Ye was dropping since his seclusion away from society after his mental stressed breakdown, it was great to hear Kanye's voice again on the mic. Give this single a listen and provide a comment below on what you think. Is this the beginning of Yeezy Season? Or are we seeing the makings of a new King in Cyhi? You decide!