Pell feat. Saba - Throwback

Migrating from Louisiana to Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina, American rapper and songwriter Pell has absorbed and evolved his unique flow with a southern laid back vibe, many West Coast rappers would be envious of.

This particular track "Throwback", has a serenading guitar hook that draws you in. Pell and featured artist Saba, permeate your ear drums with fast paced and cunning wordplay that will transport you back in time to that perfect day, cruising in your first car, while your favorite tunes are blasting out through the speakers. Just like the lyrics state: "play that throwback when you need to feed your soul." 

I think this is all something we can relate to and will keep doing when we are feeling some type of way, but if you are looking for more from this Southern Fried Indie rapper, checkout his recently released album titled girasoul, and give the track below a few listens as well.