Cuz Lightyear feat. Killer Mike - Pots N Pans

American songwriter and rapper Bryan Jones or now known as Cuz Lightyear, has cooked up an amazing new track with the infamous Killer Mike. Pots N Pans has a brilliant story narrative that focuses on the traditional struggle we all go through trying to make it out of a bad situation and create a better life for ourselves and everyone else, just showing the harder we work and strive the bigger the reward, but we all start somewhere. The production is also infectious, keeping your head bobbing to the beat, really bringing to light the charismatic cool of Cuz's flow, mixing perfectly with the boisterous, booming lyrics of Killer Mike. This is a must listen and add to any hip hop playlist rotation. Check out the official video downbelow and also peep the Mass Appeal's Open Space interview, where they dig into Cuz Lightyear's past and hear the creative story of just how he came up with this new rapper persona.