Jack White - Connected By Love

The dark and stormy Jack White delivers a breathtaking and textured new single sure to make you gravitate towards  your significant other in no time.

A hum transforms into a vibrating tone that draws you in to this electric movement dipped in love and blues. With stating the connection through love used in the title, Jack's vocals draw you in deeper, almost shining in the light like a John Lennon inspired poem bringing people together. The thing is that Jack White has that tone we always reach for when we need something warm and familiar from the past in this modern cold world. But this song is less history and more modern in the right kind of way for Jack's style and craftsmanship, pushing boundaries we have not heard or seen him do, since he has mostly been based in a rich blues inspired rhythm.

This album is already stacking up to be a heavy contender for me to land on my top albums of the year, but we will find out where Boarding House Reach debuts on March 23rd.