Frankie Cosmos - Jesse

American singer and songwriter Frankie Cosmos or otherwise known as Greta Kline, is back to give you a playful upbeat track to set the tone of your day.

This being her first single off of her next album titled Vessel, which is also her debut on her new home of Sub Pop records, is chalked full of dainty, beautiful lyrics matched with a buzzing and catchy tune that will be stuck in your head for days to come. Believe me when I say that, because it is still stuck in my head, but I definitely don't mind.

The range her voice shows, bouncing through the track like a red dodge ball moving across your favorite childhood playground, is a breath of fresh air and just resonates in the perfect way, transporting you back to the good ol' days we are longing for.

Look for her album Vessel dropping on March 30th with another seventeen more tracks to jam with and be taken away by.