Eminem feat. Beyonce' - Walk On Water

We finally have it. After countless rumors and questions left unanswered, we now know Marshall Mathers is back with a new album and a new single. 

This new single titled Walk On Water is a stripped back, almost spoken word version of the Eminem we have rarely seen before. Utilizing well written lyrics that describe his creative process of being constantly OCD when creating a new song, and also expressing his distaste for his fans continuing to apply pressure to his every move but still believing he is somehow a god, when its just a masterminded facade society has created. Having  Beyonce' belt out the gospel styled hook saying: " I walk on water, but I ain't no Jesus, I walk on water, only when it freezes." This chorus creates a beautiful juxtaposition of who Eminem really is, possibly who the Queen B herself is too. Its a struggle all big named artists have to deal with.

I thoroughly enjoyed this track from beginning to end. Especially ending the way it does. The  production slowly fades away along with Beyonce's voice, while a DJ styled record cut buzzes in with Eminem teasing possibly the next track on the album. This just creates more excitement for whats to come and the fact we are so close to the scheduled release date for the album.  The anticipation is just eating away at us. So please mark your calendars and prepare for the revival, no pun intended, and keep checking for our full album review when its finally released.