Eminem feat. 2Chainz and Phresher - Chloraseptic (Remix)

After the release of Revival, Eminem has brought us a brutal and visceral remix to one of the better songs off of the whole album.

This track is a straight weekend banger!  Containing the mysterious missing bars from 2Chainz we were expecting originally, after the initial album track list  for Revival was revealed. It still blows me away as to why this was not featured on the album at all or led with as a single for the project. Em is back to his original ways, digging the line he had already drawn in the sand during his BET cypher and deciding to turn that line more into a fortified moat with his fans. Calling out the fans and reviewers for creating reaction videos, and disrespecting his complete project as a whole. 

All I can say is Eminem is still showing no signs of rust through this remix and this could be a sign of more to come from the Rap God in this new year.