Ryder - King

Los Angeles based electronic pop artist Ryder brings a sonic boom to the pop scene with this recently released, bluesy, vocally crafted beauty.

RnB truly reflects off from this pop glitter dusted track, while you bob your head to an infectious bass line you will not be able to shake. Also while listening, I was taking in Ryder's simplistic yet modern styled lyrics and format they were being delivered in. Almost as if she herself was heavily influenced by the U.K. pop scene of Lily Allen, and La Roux. 

After listening to this song, I did search for more and saw she is killing the Soundcloud game with her page. Give it a listen and see just what else she has to offer, and hopefully get a taste of what her first studio release could become. There is so much to appreciate and love in this track, and I will be keeping this on repeat this coming weekend to to keep me warm while I shake off these winter blues.