The Killers - Some Kind of Love

Thirteen years removed from finding out someone had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend Brandon Flowers had in February of some year, The Killers are still delivering top shelf quality tunes. "Some Kind of Love" is the third single to precede the band's upcoming full length album Wonderful Wonderful. Brandon's vocals are on full display and are truly moving and dynamic. If that's not enough, the addition of the funky bass line really keeps you in a groove you will not want to escape. Stream the track below and check out the official video for previously released single "Run for Cover". The new album is due out on September 22nd.

Tracklist for Wonderful Wonderful:

“Wonderful Wonderful”
“The Man”
“Life To Come”
“Run For Cover”
“Tyson Vs. Douglas”
“Some Kind of Love”
“Out Of My Mind”
“The Calling”
“Have All The Songs Been Written”