Hailing from Prince George county, Maryland, Jason Mills better known as american rapper IDK has released his superb new album IWASVERYBAD. This project as a whole truly digs deep into the young rapper's life and his bright vivid psyche.

From an intense and clever intro that sets the stage explaining how IDK was never going to amount to anything through his teacher's eyes to an ending bonus track that sonically and lyrically packs a punch to send you ear into a craving comparable to any crack fiend needing another hit. With hearing excellent production, and illustrious storytelling throughout this album,this to me is a top contender for album of the year. IDK maneuvers through each track so smoothly like a jaguar hunting for its next feast, but in this case the next rapper. Another great attribute this album delivers on is the fact that there is only a minimal amount of  features, but the ones that are on this record meld so perfectly with the album's message and story. My personal favorite and definitely one of the top tracks off the album would be Pizza Shop. This track telling the story of heading into a pizza delivery joint late  one night planning to rob the place, but the emotions and human conscious comes into play all being voiced by MF DOOM, Del The Funky Homosapien, Young Gleesh and IDK himself. 

Seeing as this album just released and feeling that the love for this record is just at a slow burn, it is just a matter of time before IDK takes the reins and becomes the next mainstream success. Really feeling that he is rooted deep into his personal sound, you can tell it has been meticulously well constructed with Kanye inspired production and beat making to the eccentric, crazy Kendrick wordplay. This is truly one album for the books and I  hope IDK earns your respect from here on out.