Kendrick Lamar - DAMN

DAMN!?! This is definitely the first word that comes to mind after completing this thought provoking album. With Kendrick Lamar blessing us with his work previously (Section .80, Good Kid, MAAD City, and To Pimp A Butterfly) we needed this next album to be great. Which it truly is.

In this eclectic produced work, we get to see Kendrick strip the layers back to reveal his true colors, not red or blue, but his human colors. With each track title he references a key point of ideology we all struggle with on our journey through life. Tracks titled as LUST, LOVE, PRIDE, and the single off the album, HUMBLE.

After one time through like most albums the face value depreciates and the true meaning is shown, like on such tracks as DNA. In which walking away from is a powerhouse of a hit, delving into all of us having the true power in our genetics to be unstoppable in anything we wish to achieve.

If you have not listened to this album at least a few times by now, I highly recommend you do so. From the Tarantino-esque opening to the family history closing, you will be blown away. After this album I believe K-Dot can proudly walk among the greats knowing he has been solidified as a pop culture icon. We all cannot wait to see what else this brilliant MC can cook up.