JAY-Z - 4:44

Where am I at in my life at this moment? What wrongs have I written? Have I been myself in all relationships? These questions and more continued to swirl through my mind after wrapping up listening to the 13th studio album 4:44 by JAY-Z.

This 1920’s jazz and reggae infused album to me is truly a masterpiece. Of course political topics are brought up throughout this project, but putting those issues aside, the true meaning starts to unravel and be revealed to us all.

We see Jay step back and reminisce of the good times, past wrongs and mistakes, and what everyone expected to come out on this record. His apology to Beyonce. All of these emotions explode out in each track, one right after the other, as if they are pouring out from every subconscious cavity Jay can pull from for inspiration. He seems to be trying to right the wrongs he has done to everyone and is just trying to create and build a better legacy for his children to carry on. One that he himself has not tarnished. All of us can relate to these immediate family crossroads we come too. But do we always make the right choice?

This was a harder listen compared to his countless classics he has released, but this album, track to track, beginning to end, is beautiful artistry at its finest. Will we see more from JAY-Z in the near future, or will this be the final take we get to listen too?