The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

To be mentioned in the same breathe as Springsteen, Dylan, Young, and Petty would be a dream come true for most artists. For The War on Drugs this seems like a common occurrence that is more than well deserved. It's amazing to think that even after co-founder Kurt Vile's departure, this band is still a river of talent, where the current bends through unexplored terrain and always produces an amazing piece of work at the mouth.  

A Deeper Understanding will lead you through a wealth of emotions. If you grew up anywhere between the late seventies to mid eighties, nostalgia will most likely be at the forefront. While this album does seem heavily influenced by the previously mentioned artists, there is also an undeniable Bryan Adams touch. Especially on "Clean Living".

It's safe to say this three year hiatus has been well worth the wait. The War on Drugs have crafted an album that will not only be on repeat for your upcoming month, but will be spoken about for years to come. This album will inspire future artists to leave absolutely everything they have in the studio. A Deeper Understanding is a low energy trajectory. The affect now may seem minimal, but in time, this album has the potential to shape the sound of future bands we will grow to love.