LCD Soundsystem - American Dream

The Brooklyn based, legendary, dance punk band is back, and in an emotional way. Coming off of a five year hiatus of possibly reuniting and continuing to push the legacy of the group a bit further. The group has kept us on pins and needles for what could come from this unity. Could they have lost the organic playful chemistry we have grown fond of? How will this new album fare among their other brilliant catalog?

These questions have been all answered and more!

With James Murphy back into his charismatic role and leading this project, we all know his perfection would not let us down. The group comes out strong and focused with the starting track " oh baby," pushing and running on all cylinders, really registering that their sound has yet to fade with proficiency and age. Proving their existence and presence as being as formidable as one of the greats in their craft. We also hear them on this album take on some more modern and moodier tones like on such tracks as "other voices" and "how do you sleep?" Almost coming off as psychedelic synth pop.

All in all I was blown away with this record from start to finish. I always love the punk style lyrics and deciphering James Murphy's personal undertones he uses. Their sound is a wave of refreshment I am constantly fond of. Hearkening  back to beautiful soundscapes comparable to 80's synth pop such as The Cure, The Smiths and Morrissey, but dabbling in rock rhythms relatable to U2 and The Police. Take the ride through this project and discover that missing void we have been needing in music today, which is pure art. This is a real and true artist and a gorgeous piece of work through and through. They have truly lived an american dream, and we are so lucky enough to be able to experience it right along with them. 

Edit: Review for previously released track "tonite" HERE!